Empowering and enchanting, Pegasus has long been associated with freedom and bravery, not to mention mythical beauty, so it made sense to put such a creature at the heart of this exceptionally distinctive charm necklace.


Included on this piece:

  • Gold gilded trace chain necklace (length 60cm + 5cm extension)
  • Silver metal pegasus charm
  • Gold metal heart padlock charm
  • Pyrite charm

About the collection

A lifelong collector of vintage trinkets and flea-market finds, Busby & Fox founder Emma Vowles has applied her magpie-like eye and creative touch to produce a limited-edition collection of antique style charm bracelets and necklaces.

Set on gold-plated and silver-plated chains, and adorned with an eclectic mix of vintage-inspired charms, each design has its own unique narrative and evokes the playfulness, storytelling and preciousness of traditional heirloom pieces. From fine crystals to kitsch curiosities and classic charm emblems, there’s something to capture the heart and mind of any wearer.

Wrapped in a matt black jewellery box and hand-tied with an Emma Vowles Collection ribbon, each piece is ready to be enjoyed and admired as soon as it’s unwrapped.

For extra opulence and intrigue, layer different designs together – or even ​customise with your own vintage charms to add another uniquely personal element to your necklaces's continuing story​.