How to make a fabulous flower crown

Make your very own bohemian, chic and cheery floral accessory to wear to a wedding, summer BBQ
and every occasion in between...

Cut three or four short stems of flowers and foliage about 10-15cms long and pop them together as if you’re making a little button hole or tiny flower posy. Snip the ends so they’re all the same length.


Take the floristry tape and wrap it around a few time and covering the end of the stems so all of the moisture stays in the foliage and flowers.


Repeat this until you have about 10 little bundles. This is where you can play around with the look of your flower crown with a colour or flower theme or a mixture of them all...

Get you ribbon and think about it in thirds. The central third is where you will attached the bundles, the two sections either side are the bits you will use to tie it around your head. Just make or make a note where the bundles will start and end and then you can start attaching.  


Lay the first bundle flat against the ribbon take a slightly longer piece of floristry tape to wrap around the bundle and the ribbon. When you are about half way through the tape add another bundle.

Repeat this until all of your bundles have been added - wrap the tape relatively tightly so it all stays firm and in place. Don’t worry if the tape snaps at any point, just tear some more and start where you left off.


Once your bundles are all attached, you’re finished - Voila!

A simple, super easy, gorgeous summery flower crown.